Tony?s Town Square Review – Is It Worth It?

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The Magic Kingdom is an amazing place to experience. In it, there are so many levels of entertainment, attractions, rides, character meetings as well as many food options. Over the years we’ve begun to appreciate slowing down (at least for lunch and dinner) to rest and refuel. There are a handful of great dining options at the Magic Kingdom for table service restaurants, two of which are signature dining options. Reservations go quick for all the table service restaurants at the Magic Kingdom so grab them when you can. As for Tony?s Town Square? We love it and here?s why:

What Disney Has to Say

Share spaghetti and meatballs and more at this fun eatery near the entrance of Magic Kingdom park.

Step inside this charming turn-of-the-century trattoria on Main Street, U.S.A., with its whitewashed balustrades, French doors and expansive front porch, which offers fantastic views for people-watching. In the lobby, Disney?s 1955 animated classic, Lady and the Tramp, plays in the background while pictures of its famous love-struck stars grace the walls.

Hopeless romantics are bound to gush over the central fountain depicting the cute canine couple, and more characters and scenes from the movie get you in the mood for food, friends, fun times and perhaps even amore!

Reservations are recommended and can be made up to 180 days prior to your visit.

The Menu

We have eaten at Tony?s Town Square for lunch and dinner. The menu is the same no matter which you choose. To see the full menu click here.

The Cost

The price ranges from $15 – $35 and yes they do accept the Disney Dining Plan and the Deluxe Dining Plan. We always get the Deluxe Dining Plan and here?s why ? click.

What We Ate

First off, Tony?s Town Square is Italian…you gotta know that going in. Expect them to have the basic offerings you?d see at most Italian restaurants. Traditional. Italian. Food. Now, we happen to really enjoy Italian food. Here is what all we have tried over several trips.

Appetizers we?ve tried:

  • Calamari – excellent, our son tried it for the first time and also enjoyed it
  • Caesar Salad – great to get some greens in the mix
  • Fried Mozzarella – pretty basic but the kids liked them

Entrees we?ve tried:

  • Spaghetti – typical Italian, the sauce was a bit sweet
  • Italian Trio – Chicken Parmigiana, Fettuccine Alfredo, and Spaghetti with Pork-Beef Meatball – excellent dish, see our spaghetti comment above

The kids have eaten:

  • Mac N? Cheese – typical Disney style ? the kids like it just fine
  • Spaghetti and Meatballs – large meatballs – the kids really enjoyed it
  • Cheese Pizza – typical Disney style – tasted good to the kids

Desserts we?ve tried:

  • Tiramisu – the best offering they had (especially paired with an Espresso)
  • Chocolate Cake – fairly average but on the rich side if you like chocolate
  • Cheesecake – tasty, my son loves cheesecake and made short work of it

Our Review

We would definitely eat at Tony?s Town Square again. However, on all occasions, the experience was a little on the slow side. From an extended wait for our reservation to food coming out a bit slowly plan to give yourself extra time here. You are fairly limited for sit down options in the Magic Kingdom. Be Our Guest is hard to get into for dinner (we don?t enjoy it for lunch). Cinderella?s Royal Table is hard to get into for lunch or dinner and is prepaid if you aren?t on the dining plan. Skipper Canteen is a family favorite and The Plaza is fairly overpriced for what you get. Liberty Tree is good for adults but our kids DO NOT enjoy it. It?may be the only Disney restaurant the kids don’t want to go to. Tony?s is a great go-to for basic Italian food in a fun environment.

Pair it with the Festival of Fantasy Dining Package

One of our favorite aspects of a recent trip was to pair Tony?s with the Festival of Fantasy Parade through the Festival of Fantasy Dining Package. It was awesome! The basics: eat lunch at Tony?s then VIP viewing for the parade…no sitting on the ground for an hour to hold your spot. Read the full review of that experience here.


Our view for the Festival of Fantasy Parade through the Festival of Fantasy Parade Dining Package and Tony’s Town Square Restaurant.

Got time for a quick story that might make you laugh?

In 2016 my wife and I thought it would be awesome to go to Disney World for our anniversary. We were super excited to get there, had a great drive down, got set up in our resort and set out on the first day for the Magic Kingdom. Upon getting to the Magic Kingdom we suddenly realized that we were surrounded by families and kids and we had left our 3 kids at home…no kidding…we almost left and drove 10 hours (one way) to pick them up and bring them back…but Tony?s Town Square saved the day. We decided we would eat our feelings and if we still felt the same afterward we would figure out how to go get them and come back. Long story short…after eating some good food and resting our feet we came to our senses and had a great anniversary trip. Thank you Tony?s Town Square? What?s the moral of the story? Eat good food. Make time for rest or you might drive 20+ hours round trip on a whim to pick up your kids and spend more money than you should on a trip meant for 2 that is now for 5…

Is It Worth It?

We say yes! Absolutely worth spending an hour or so resting and recharging in a cool environment-themed after the Lady and the Tramp movie. The food is typical Italian food and you can control what you spend if you are eating there out of pocket and not on a dining plan. Don?t go in expecting to be blown away with an amazing culinary experience but instead know you are getting a good meal and a needed rest.

Did the kids like it?

The kids liked Tony?s Town Square. Their food options were pretty typical of most restaurants with the exception of more pasta-based options.


Our son Jack, trying Calamari for the first time. For the record, he liked it.

Our Biggest Take-Aways

You need to plan to rest when at the Magic Kingdom. Taking time to rest and eat are key to a great trip. Fighting for space at quick service meals gets old for us. We almost always sit down for lunch and dinner just for the rest. You can control what you spend, share meals and even pick and choose who uses dining credits. Tony?s is a great restaurant, you should try it!

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