The Perfect Magic Kingdom Plan Per a 9 Year Old

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We often sit around and ask one another questions like ? “You can go to one Disney park…which one…and what would you do?” Sometimes we even get silly and say “one park, one ride, one restaurant, one snack.” It was as a result of one of those conversations that my son asked if he could write a post. This post is completely his. He was encouraged to think outside the box as he is a great big brother and often thinks of his sisters before himself. This time around we encouraged him to write it for himself and himself only.

Anything like this is in my voice/word. He planned the day in bold.

1. Get in Early via “Early Morning Magic”

If you are unsure what Early Morning Magic is ? click here. But in short, you get into the park early with a special purchased ticket that gives you breakfast (buffet style) at Cosmic Ray’s and then you get to ride attractions in Fantasyland with little to no wait until the park opens to the general public.

2. Ride “The Seven Drawfs Mine Train 5 times in a row.

And that may sound farfetched but you absolutely get to ride these attractions on repeat in some cases…when in for Early Morning Magic.

3. Ride “Peter Pan” 3 times in a row.

Again, you can accomplish this with Early Morning Magic and no crowds.

4. Ride “The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh” 2 times.

Again, you can accomplish this with Early Morning Magic and no crowds.

5. Ride “Mad Hatters Tea Party / Tea Cups” once.

Again, you can accomplish this with Early Morning Magic and no crowds.

6. Ride “It’s a Small World” once

Again, you can accomplish this with Early Morning Magic and no crowds.

7. Ride “Under the Sea / Little Mermaid” once

See, he couldn’t resist sticking a few in there for his sisters.

8. Time for a snack!

He chose to eat a Mickey’s Kitchen Sink for our prelunch snack.

9. Fast Pass #1 – Big Thunder Railroad

Officially, our favorite ride…both of us.

10. Lunch at Skipper Canteen?Jungle Exploration Co.

If you haven’t eaten here it is quite the treat! Great food, completely different from all the other options in the park.

11. Fast Pass #2 – Splash Mountain

This ride has so much to offer, both visually and via exciting drops and turns.

12. Snack Time – Dole Whip

Who doesn’t love a good Dole Whip?

13. Watch the Festival of Fantasy Parade from the Hub

He wanted to stand in front of the Castle to watch the show. He feels that is the best viewing spot.

14. Pin Trading Time!

One of our favorite things to do together! Our secret is to purchase?real (not fake scrappers) via eBay confirmed sellers and then trade them in the park. Saves a lot of money and once you’ve bought some pins to trade the rest is free! And exciting!

15. Shop Main Street

Who doesn’t love Main Street at The Magic Kingdom?

16. Eat at Cinderella’s Royal Table

Not only do we love the food from CRT but the atmosphere is great and meeting a few princesses while you eat saves time for later…I am sure that is what he was thinking…

17. Head to Tomorrowland After Dark

We love Tomorrowland After Dark! It is so full of life and color.

18. Fast Pass #3 – Space Mountain

Now it is time to use the final fast pass of the day! Which at the Magic Kingdom means you get to start using 1 extra fast pass at a time for what is still open…which could be nothing…

19. Ride Astro Orbitor

Astro Orbitor has an ebb and flow to it in the evening making it easy to get on sometimes.

20. Ride the People Mover

We love riding the People Mover, somtimes multiples times a day. It is great for escaping the heat midday. But it also fantastic at night with Tomorrowland lit up.

21. Be on Seven Drawfs Mine Train During the Fireworks

This has happend for us on multiple occassions now. On some trips we’ve seen the fireworks already and choose to skip the fireworks show the second time around for some rides! And in some cases you get a great view of the fireworks while on said ride. Makes for an amazing memory if the timing is right.

22. Sprint to Frontierland to ride Big Thunder and Splash Mountain before the park closes.

I am sure he remembers it fondly…when he was a bit younger and Dad was able to throw him on his shoulders and run across the park to hit his favorite ride…just…one…more….time….Ok…, maybe this is actually my fond memory too.

23. As the park closes walk “home” to the Contemporary.

There is nothing quite like the feeling of walking over to the Contemporary Resort after a long day in the park! No pushy lines for the monorail, no pushy lines for the trams at the parking lot…just straight back to the room for a nice slumber.

That’s it! That is Jack’s Plan for the Magic Kingdom. Pretty awesome plan if you ask me. Do him a favor and hit that share button for Facebook or Pinterest. Great job son!

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