Tech I Always Take to Disney World Parks, #2 Saved the Day

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If this is your first trip to Disney or your 20th trip you know there are some things you can take just about anywhere that can make all the difference! These are my favorite tech items to take on our Disney trips. I don?t take all of them into the park of course but they definitely make it into the suitcase and into the room.

My Top Items to Take to Disney (in order of importance)

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1. Tired of repurchasing things daily because you don?t have a way to carry things in with you?

The SwissGear Backpack – I absolutely must have a backpack for our family. It has everything that we need in a given day. From 2 bottles of water in the side pouches, the autograph book, know what click here for mom?s gear list to see what all we put in this bag.

2. Never experience a dead phone again…not to mention you missed that photo once because of it.

You should use the Anker Ultra-Compact External Battery Charger?

3. Got more than one or two devices to think about?

Then you’ll want the Waterproof External Battery Charger

4. Been trying to take those photos you see on Instagram?

Most of those are taken with an iPhone…with these lens clip-on’s ??AMIR for iPhone Lens Kit

5. Want to brag about how many miles you walked each day when you get back?

Or talk yourself into indulging because you know at a calorie deficit? Then you need to track those steps and activity with your Fitbit 3 Fitness Tracker

6. Want to take long-range shots of the most magical place on Earth?

Then the Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR Camera is a great start! This set comes with two lenses.

7. Ever buy those awesome Disney bubble wands and glowing swords only to have them die??.don?t be that guy!

Take some extra batteries with you. Nearly every Disney toy I?ve purchase takes these 20 Eunicell Button Cell Batteries

or these AA + AAA Energizer Batteries

8. Looking to up the magic a bit in your room or poolside?

We take our?JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth Portable Stereo Speaker?everywhere we travel. It’s the best we?ve found! The sound quality is amazing and the bass is pumping! And you?ll definitely need the?case for it Case for JBL Flip 4 or JBL Flip 3 Speaker.

9. How about upgrading the suitcase?

I can?t tell you how much easier ?the four-wheel, roll in any direction even for a four-year-old? suitcase is over the ?older style that you have to tip over? to move are. It is worth the upgrade. We recommend the AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage – 2 Piece Set

Don’t forget to check out Mom’s Gear for Families and Dad’s Summer Gear for more awesome gear ideas for your trip!

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