Ranking Magic Kingdom Table Service Restaurants

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Ah…the Magic Kingdom. In our opinion the best park for our family. Don?t get me wrong we love the other parks but when it comes to a trip with the whole family it is all about the Magic Kingdom! Here we’ll be?Ranking Magic Kingdom Table Service Restaurants.

Let?s begin with a quick definition of table service restaurants at the Magic Kingdom. A table service restaurant is one in which you most likely have a reservation, are given a table by the host/hostess, and you sit down to order your meal with a waiter/waitress. A quick service restaurant is one in which you order at a window and then make your way to a table of your choosing…if you can find one.

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The Complete List of Table Service Restaurants at the Magic Kingdom

  1. Tony?s Town Square
  2. The Plaza
  3. The Crystal Palace
  4. Liberty Tree Tavern
  5. Diamond Horseshoe
  6. Jungle Navigation Co Ltd. Skipper Canteen
  7. Be Our Guest (dinner, lunch and breakfast are quick service)
  8. Cinderella?s Royal Table

Dining Packages Available (this list excludes dessert parties)

  1. Festival of Fantasy Dining Package – this package includes dining at Tony?s Town Square and then VIP viewing for the Festival of Fantasy Parade right on main street. No waiting for an hour or more to hold your spot. Read the full review here.?

Dining Plans

We almost always add a dining plan to our trips when staying onsite. And we also plan to sit down meals at least 2 times a day on any trip – that?s whether or not we are on a dining plan. You?ll need the rest! So factor in some time to rest at a sit-down restaurant. You can control how much you spend if you are out of pocket at each meal by sharing or eating from the appetizers list. We hate having to fight the crowds to get a sticky table at quick service.

We recommend the Deluxe Dining Plan. We get the most out of it and have a few tips on how you can use the ?pooling? credits hack to get even more out of it! Read the full review and how we used it here.

Dining Credits

If you are on the dining plan you?ll need to know how many credits are needed at each of the table service restaurants. The basics are 1 credit per person at most locations and there are two restaurants that are considered signature dining where 2 credits are required per person.

  1. Tony?s Town Square – 1 credit per person
  2. The Plaza – 1 credit per person
  3. The Crystal Palace – 1 credit per person
  4. Liberty Tree Tavern – 1 credit per person
  5. Diamond Horseshoe – 1 credit per person
  6. Jungle Navigation Co Ltd. Skipper Canteen – 1 credit per person
  7. Be Our Guest (dinner, lunch and breakfast are quick service) – 2 credits per person
  8. Cinderella?s Royal Table – 2 credits per person

Ranking Magic Kingdom Table Service Restaurants

  1. Be Our Guest Dinner – full review here
  2. Cinderella?s Royal Table – full review here
  3. Jungle Navigation Co Ltd. Skipper Canteen – full review here
  4. Tony?s Town Square – full review here OR Festival of Fantasy Dining Package here
  5. The Crystal Palace – review coming soon (we only eat here for breakfast)
  6. The Plaza – full review here?
  7. Liberty Tree Tavern – review coming soon
  8. Diamond Horseshoe – review coming soon

Below we talk about why each restaurant is placed where it is.

Why this ranking?

Be Our Guest Dinner – we are a sucker for a good sauce. Who does a sauce better than the French? Also, the desserts (although they only offer the trio) are very good. And this is the only place you can meet the Beast and get a photo!?Read the full review here.

Cinderella?s Royal Table – what could be better than eating inside the most iconic? Add great food and meeting 5-6 princesses (unless you?d prefer to wait 2 hours or so to see them in the rest of the park). Read the full review here.

Jungle Navigation Co Ltd. Skipper Canteen – this restaurant is bursting with flavor and is quite unlike any other restaurant at any Disney park. Themed much like the Jungle Cruise ride it also offers a great variety on the menu and really tasty desserts (chocolate volcano) Most people walk right by it without knowing it?s there. Read the full review here.

Tony?s Town Square – Tony?s is an Italian restaurant themed around Lady and the Tramp. The food is great but has the basic Italian offerings. Pair it with the Festival of Fantasy Parade with the Festival of Fantasy Dining Package and you can?t go wrong. Read the full review here.

The Crystal Palace – as a general rule for our trips we don?t eat at buffets at any time other than breakfast. We have not enjoyed many buffets outside of breakfast. And if you?ve eaten at one Disney breakfast buffet then you?ve eaten at them all. Disney, generally, does a great job on breakfast buffets. Our favorite part of The Crystal Palace would be meeting Winnie the Pooh and his friends! TIP: we use early breakfast reservations here to get ahead of all the crowds. Read about that here.? The full review of The Crystal Palace is coming soon.

The Plaza – Ahhh…The Plaza. Or as I like to call it?? perpetually behind on reservations?. We have never eaten at The Plaza at our actual reservation time. Factor that delay into your day and you?ll be just fine. Our favorite thing about The Plaza would be the bottomless milkshakes…that?s right…all you care to enjoy…enough said…Read the full review here.

Liberty Tree Tavern – Liberty Tree Tavern is an interesting one for us. While the food is tasty, dinner and lunch are a bit different. Dinner is family-style, with large serving dishes of what can best be described as Thanksgiving dinner. Lunch offers the same option as above but also gives diners an option to order entrees like burgers, salads, pot pie, fish and chips and more. Our kids don?t like the dinner option. We choose lunch if this one makes the plan. But with this many options above it…we usually leave it off. Review coming soon.

Diamond Horseshoe – DISCLAIMER…we haven?t eaten here. And may not. In general, it is loud and dinner is an ?all you care to enjoy? family style meal based around American BBQ. For our family of 5 and 2 of which are picky little girls…we don?t care to spend this much on this type of food in an environment that is loud, sticky and not our favorite type of food. That being said, at lunch you can order from a menu for each person individually. We will likely try that option in the future?.maybe. Review coming soon…maybe.

That’s it! That’s our family favorites. What’s your favorite Magic Kingdom restaurant? What about any Disney restaurant? Comment below and don’t forget to sign up for emails for tips, reviews, and hilarious stories.


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