Jungle Navigation Co LTD Skipper Canteen Review

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Most pass it by without realizing they are skipping right over a restaurant unlike any other in the Magic Kingdom. I?ll admit we begrudgingly made our first reservation at Skipper Canteen a few trips ago. Magic Kingdom doesn?t have a ton of sit down options to choose from…at least in our opinion. We aren?t fans of snarky sarcasm…and that?s about all we knew about it because of how the Jungle Cruise attraction/ride is run. We were pleasantly surprised to find that (now through several trips) that the sarcasm and over the top commentary you get in the ride doesn?t fully make its way into the restaurant. We have seen some reviewers state they didn?t appreciate the staff?s sarcasm and for the most part we stayed away because of it. But now it is one of our favorites.

What Disney Has to Say About Skipper Canteen

Explore the bold, flavorful cuisine of Asia, South America, and Africa with the help of our daring riverboat pilots.

Dr. Falls, I Presume?

Immerse yourself in the legacy of the Jungle Cruise! The same skippers who guided your steamer down the Nile, Amazon and Congo Rivers have opened the doors and kitchens of their tropical headquarters to fellow adventurers and famished families like your own!

Delight your big and little explorers with premium table-service dining in 3 curiously quirky rooms: the crew?s colonial-era Mess Hall (which is not messy at all, thank you very much); the Jungle Room, former family parlor of Dr. Albert Falls himself; and the S.E.A. Room?a once-secret meeting place for the Society of Explorers and Adventurers!

World-Famous Jungle Cuisine

Prepare your palate for exotic flavor adventures sure to tame your wildest appetite?and pickiest eaters!

Begin your culinary cruise with Orinoco Ida’s Cachapas, an appetizer featuring house-made corn pancakes, mojo-braised pork, black bean salad and avocado cream. For your main dish, feast on Dr. Falls Signature Grilled Steak, a delicious dish of marinated New York strip, pico de gallo butter, jasmine rice and braised black beans with Applewood-smoked bacon. If you?re in the mood for lighter fare, try sustainable fish served over spiced couscous and black garlic a?oli in a fragrant basil-lemon grass broth.

End your lunch or dinner with sweet memories of Bertha?s Banh Bong Lan with mango-lime sorbet, a Vietnamese chiffon sponge cake soaked with lemongrass-ginger syrup, or Quicksand Jasmine Rice Pudding?featuring mango sauce, lemon curd hibiscus meringue and pineapple.

The Menu

The menu is the same whether you are enjoying lunch or dinner. We?ve eaten there during both meals. Choose which picks best for your schedule knowing you won?t miss out on anything. Click here to view the menu.


Get your reservation as far out as possible. You can always cancel if you decide to go to another park. You can get one as far as 180 days out. But try to snag a reservation at least 30 days out if not more.

The Cost

The cost is between $15 and $35 per person. The appetizers are amazing and could serve as a meal by themselves. We?ve shared items on trips and the portions are plenty big enough to do so. We almost always purchase the Deluxe Dining Plan and this restaurant accepts both the regular and deluxe plans. To see how we hack the Dining Plan be sure to read this post.?

What Did We Eat?

Appetizers we?ve tried:

  • Jungle Green Salad – we try to get some vegetables in…tasty salad!
  • S.E.A. Shu Mai – probably our favorite app – pork and shrimp in gyoza
  • Falls Family Falafel – think of them like hush puppies, also excellent flavor
  • Orinoco Ida?s Cachapas – little corn pancakes that are more savory than sweet
  • Lost and Found Soup – a coconut curry soup on our last trip…it was just ok



Falls Family Falafel


S.E.A. Shu Mai


Orinoco Ida?s Cachapas


Lost and Found Soup

Entrees we?ve tried:

  • Dr. Fall?s Signature Grilled Steak – super tender and quite large/easy to split and comes with black beans that are quite tasty themselves
  • Tastes like Chicken Because It Is – fried chicken with a nice chili glaze!
  • Sustainable Fish – seasonal / we?ve had salmon and halibut and both were exceptional

Dr. Falls Signature Grilled Steak


Sustainable Fish

Alcohol we?ve tried:

  • Kungaloosh Spiced Excursion Ale – brewed for the Magic Kingdom. Loved it! I mean, if you like beer you must try it.
  • Rust en Vrede Cabernet Sauvignon – excellent cab! But we haven?t met a cab we didn?t like…

Kids Entrees we?ve tried:

  • Junior Skip?s Mac N Cheese – had one at Disney you?ve had them all
  • Tiki Tiki Shrimp – son loved it (comes with fries?.a ton of them)
  • Sizzling Savannah Grilled Seasoned Steak – son enjoyed this one as well
  • UNDERSTAND IF you get two sides for your kids they don?t get a dessert!!! We found this out the hard way.

TikiTiki Shrimp

Junior Skip?s Mac N Cheese

Junior Skip?s Mac N Cheese

Kids Desserts we?ve tried:

  • Volcano! – they get this every time. It is a chocolate cake with a raspberry sauce and little piece of candy that is sure to get everywhere and look as if someone may be bleeding…lol

Desserts we?ve tried:

  • Coconut Bar with Pineapple-Basil Compote and Vanilla Cream – awesome if you enjoy coconut flavor but not over the top coconut for sure.
  • Kungaloosh! – African inspired chocolate cake – super rich – super tasty with a french press pot of coffee

Coconut Bar Dessert


Volcano Dessert

Food Review

We love Skipper Canteen?s food. It is completely different from what you normally get at the Magic Kingdom. It is off the beaten path a bit and the food is always enjoyable and full of flavor ? nothing bland here! The macaroni and cheese dishes are pretty big and if you (like us) have kids that never finish their food then split the mac between them. We split meals for our youngest 2 all the time. We also don?t blindly use credits on them when on a dining plan. On the Deluxe plan credits are pooled and you can save the credits you may have used on the kids and use them on yourselves later. See what we mean by reading this post here. LINK

Did the kids like it?

Our kids really enjoy the food at Skipper Canteen. They remember those Volcano?s well and usually eat pretty well. It is also one of the few restaurants you can get brocoli at. Although it is usually pretty firm for our taste. Either way they eat it. Parenting win!

Is It Worth It?

Skipper Canteen is one of our favorite non-signature dining restaurants (Be Our Guest Dinner is and Cinderella?s Royal Table is). Of the remaining table service restaurants, Skipper Canteen is my favorite. The rest alone is totally worth it! But considering the food at Skipper Canteen it is a bigtime win. GO for it!

Our Biggest Takeaways

We probably say this too much but we enjoy resting throughout the day at any Disney park. Table service meals are a great way to rest and refuel. Get your reservation ahead though as they go fast!

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