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Disney Dining Reservations and Mouse Dining Text Alert Notifications

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Disney Dining Tips and Text Alerts

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Ever had bad luck trying to get into your favorite Walt Disney World restaurants? I know we sure have. You spend hours trying to find restaurants that your family enjoys, balanced with getting in time to go on rides (or wait in lines for them?.), character meet and greets and everything else Disney. I mean, who has the time to sit around and keep checking availability openings for restaurants? What if there were a better way?

MouseDining.com is wildly popular, but maybe you haven?t heard about it yet. We?re here to tell you if is definitely worth your time if there is a restaurant you?ve been trying to get into but can?t seem to find an opening. MouseDining.com offers a system that allows you to set alerts for restaurant openings/reservations. It comes in both a free version and a paid version depending how many alerts you want to set up. We use the free version as it will let you keep 6 alerts up and running at a time.

We used it today! Yep, we recently added a day to our upcoming Holiday trip and wanted to get into a few restaurants that were previously unavailable. We wanted to get into Mama Melrose?s Ristorante Italiano and there were no openings. We set up our alerts and waited?.we setup many alerts…we like options. In less than 24 hours an opening came available and we received a text message about its opening. I immediately opened up my phone and began to book that opening. Remember, chances are that hundreds if not thousands of people have the same alert set and they too received that text notification. Because we acted immediately we got that opening. Voila!

How does it work?

You set up a free account at www.mousedining.com

You can choose a heftier option if you are up for paying for their service.

How do we use it?

We use their free service which allows for 6 alerts at a time. And when one alert is no longer needed or you were able to secure a reservation you can then pick a new alert by deleting one your 6 alerts.

You start out with choosing a restaurant, setting a party size and choosing a date. Once you click view openings you then get a pop-up that allows you to choose breakfast, lunch or dinner for that alert and then lastly you get to choose a time. We usually choose anytime but you can pick what suits you best. The system automatically alerts you within an hour on either side or your alert. So if your alert were for 6pm then you would get an alert via text for anything from 4pm to 7pm.

Example typing in Be Our Guest

Choosing a Party Size

Choose Your Date

Now choose breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Now choose your time, we like to choose anytime (keeping in mind you chose the basic dining period of breakfast, lunch or dinner).

What do I do when I get the text? If the opening suits you race to be the first to grab it. DO NOT click through to the link the alert…it just takes you to the Mouse Dining website. Grab your phone or laptop and reserve the dining opening through Disney World’s website or app. We usually go app as it is much faster. We?ve been on both sides of ?winning? and ?losing? that race. And if the opening doesn?t suit you, you’ll need to go back to Mouse Dining’s website to reset the alert to continue getting notifications as they come open. Here’s what the notification looks like.

We love the MouseDining.com alert system and have had great luck grabbing reservations via their text alerts.

Check Out Mouse Dining Here

Have you had luck using Mouse Dining? Comment below.

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