Dad’s Must Have Disney Gear Summer Edition

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Summer is a crazy hot time at Disney…and when it isn’t crazy hot…it’s raining. It isn’t a matter of if it will rain. It is a matter of when it will rain. And honestly, the rain causes the park to thin out some, cools things off and if you are well equipped your littles stay happier longer and you can stay away from the land of miserableness. No one likes that land. **Full disclosure – we are an Amazon affiliate and will make a small commission on any purchases made through clicking on something below. That being said, we owned all these items before becoming an affiliate and truly used/loved what we bought.”

Check out?Dad’s Must Have Disney Gear Summer Edition:

These fans have been updated a bit since we bought ours, but let me say that I could have sold these fans to people at Disney 100 times now for $50 a piece. Everyone, I mean everyone was asking where we bought them, just hoping we had gotten them from one of the parks. They do sell one in park now that is Mickey themed but who wants to pay 3x more? Not me. What’s even better is that these things have great battery life. We’ve gotten multiple trips out of the same set of batteries even when using them for 8-10 hours a day. They clipped right on to our double stroller and pointed right at our kids. These are a must for our trips!

Ok, so these are part of our full blown tourist-mode…but can I just say wow! These things kept us extremely cool in the dead heat of summer. We would periodically go to one of the restrooms and wet them, semi squeeze them out and they would keep us cool for hours. And if we weren’t convinced, we actually forgot them one day on our summer trip ? it was our Hollywood Studio day ? and we were miserably hot all day as a result. But if you have kids, don’t get sucked into buying the smaller Frogg Toggs, those things are great for about 3 minutes. We found our kiddos asking for ours. Next time we will do one of these for all members, no matter the age. Lots will wonder if they get moldy or dirty. The answer for us was we rinsed them out at night, hung them to dry and by morning we would wet them again and go. We did NOT put them back into their containers, nor have we since getting home and I use it when working outside now as well.

Again, keeping with our full blown tourist-mode. These things were like having an air conditioner around your neck when paired with the Frogg Toggs. They take double-A batteries (4 each) but they were run pretty much all day each day and one set of batteries was good for a 6 day trip. The fans have a on off switch that is easy even for little hands. The necklace lanyard strap has the safety “break” (unsnap) if too much tension is placed on the strap. They fit nicely into a back pack. The box set here (of which we bought 2 sets) is random in color but we got 2 blue, 2 purple and 2 gray and 2 pink overall. Love them, work well, taking them again for sure!

Now, this was a great addition to the back pack. In the dead of summer, walking around all day with little people hanging off your person you know you get sweaty. I got sweaty in places that…well, you get the point. This stuff was great! Not only did this prevent chaffing. It also helped to reapply throughout the day in areas that became uncomfortable from the clothing of the day or from the backpack. It was a life saver. Nothing is worse than painfully walking around Disney all day. Prevent that sucky day from happening and pick up a couple of these. They also make it for women (likely the exact same but pink) and I mean this is Dad’s list so that is why it isn’t on the list as well.

I don’t know if any of you suffer from the choices of our poor shoe selection but I have found that if I don’t have the right shoes then I fatigue much quicker. We have been many times now and my shoes have evolved throughout the years. I have settled on Tom’s brand being the best for me. That doesn’t mean they will be for you. But I like the style and support of the particular shoes and have bought and rebought them in several different colors now. Do some research buy some comfy shoes, break them in before going and if you don’t have a favorite, try these out.

This next statement should be a no brainer for you but I am going to say it anyway. Dry fit, performance clothing is an absolute must in the summer. I can’t tell you how many times I was able to dry out while at a restaurant because of performance material clothing. I bought several of these Under Armour polo style shirts and not only was I cooler throughout the day, but getting dried out during dinners and lines went much quicker than just normal cotton.

Ok, so this a funny one to include right? But hear me out. Nothing worse than having under garments that don’t dry fast on underneath all those clothes that are made to do so…I mean…right? Do yourself a favor and find some dry fit undies. These did the job…I’ll leave it at that.

Socks, really? Yep, they improved my overall experience. They helped my feet to breath and had non-slip grips on the heals. They also help with odor if you have that problem. I love them. They don’t slip. And again:?This next statement should be a no brainer for you but I am going to say it anyway. Dry fit, performance clothing is an absolute must in the summer. I can’t tell you how many times I was able to dry out while at a restaurant because of performance material clothing.

Like I said earlier, it will rain – usually it comes in waves that you can outlast without leaving the park. But if you don’t have the right gear then you will be wet and miserable! Get everyone a packable rain jacket. I love this one. Being packable and lightweight is important when you’ve become a sherpa from all the gear you have to carry around. Rain jackets are great for the light rains that come through from time to time but it doesn’t negate the need for ponchos…which leads me to…

Ponchos…the thing you ask yourself a thousand times…”is it worth it to bring those”….”can’t we buy them in the park”….yes you can. However the cost in park is so much higher and the demand for them makes them hard to come by once you “need them”. Be prepared. Get one for everyone in your party. We own all these and love them.

This is a must for rainy days. Not too many things can ruin a day like a wet stroller. If you have young kids, you can already picture how “happy” they’ll be to be sitting in a wet spot. This thing covers super well. We used the double stroller variety and had zero issues with rain getting in. And I can guarantee you it rained for our July trip. It will during yours as well. Hope not, but plan for it.

If you take as many photos as we do with your phone OR use your phone for the My Disney Experience App to view wait times and more then you are likely eating through your battery pretty quickly. TIP: put it in low power mode at the beginning of the day and non-essential functions won’t run in the background. For everyone else: get this portable charger. We’ve owned this one for years and it still works really well. We get about 2 full charges out of it per day. Charge it over night and it is ready to go the next morning. Don’t forget your charger cords!

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