Be Our Guest Breakfast and Lunch Review – Is It Worth It?

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Considering Be Our Guest? Wondering if it is worth it? Those are some great questions to ask. We feel differently depending on the reservations times available.?Be Our Guest is a fantastic dining experience based solely on seeing the inside of the castle. The food? There are some good things and some not so good things about it. You can eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Be Our Guest and depending on which you choose a totally different approach comes to mind. If you are specifically looking for dinner tips and reviews click here.

Be Our Guest Beast and Belle figures dancing.

Be Our Guest Beast and Belle figures dancing.

Plan It Out.

Be Our Guest has always been popular but has become increasingly so due to the live action movie release. Eating at Be Our Guest requires a plan (unless you are super lucky) that starts months out from your next trip. If you are already within 180 days of your next trip it may be difficult to get a reservation at all. If you find your self needing a reservation (with none available), head over to our post about how to get texts about openings at your favorite Disney restaurants.

If you are outside that window make a plan on snagging your desired date the morning of your 180-day reservation window opening. Breakfast and lunch are fairly easy to get any day and time you want. Dinner is quite the opposite story. Why? Because at dinner (evening meal) the menu changes to a prix fixe menu where you also get to meet the Beast! The only place you can meet him. For these reasons, it is crazy popular.

What Disney Has To Say

Feast on French-inspired fare in one of our elaborately themed rooms?straight out of the beloved Disney classic!

Be Our Guest Restaurant is an expansive and elegant 550-seat dining destination located at the foot of Beast?s Castle in Fantasyland. Whether you are enjoying a quick-service breakfast or lunch, or the stately elegance of a table-service dinner, you can select from 1 of 3?.

Royal Rooms for Loyal Subjects

Be Our Guest offers 3 meticulously imagineered dining areas, each designed to immerse our Guests in the heartwarming mystery and romance of Beauty and the Beast:

  • The Grand Ballroom ? Go for baroque in this magnificent ballroom with its high, domed ceiling, chandeliers and snow-laced Gothic arches.
  • The West Wing ? Dine in the Beast?s mysterious West Wing study?if you dare?and perhaps you?ll even spy his enchanted rose.
  • The Castle Gallery ? Get swept up in the romance of Belle?s private library, and inspired by the larger-than-life figures of Belle and Beast dancing.

Each room is exquisite?but which best befits your royal visit? All 3 venues share the same menu, so whichever you choose, you cannot lose!

Reserve Your Table Now

Reservations are strongly recommended for all meals?especially dinner?and can be made up to 180 days in advance. Please make your dining reservations as early as possible!

Start planning for a delectable meal at Be Our Guest Restaurant!

Make Reservations

Reservations are strongly recommended for all meals?especially dinner?and can be made up to 180 days in advance. Please make your dining reservations as early as possible!

Pre-Order Your Lunch

For your added convenience, Be Our Guest Restaurant now offers Order-Ahead Dining. Guests with breakfast or lunch reservations can pre-order their meals online?up to 30 days in advance! Please note that advance ordering is not available for Guests with dinner reservations.

Breakfast & Lunch

Ensure a bonjour with a quick-service breakfast or lunch in this enchanting setting.

Breakfast Is Served

Start your day off with coffee, juice, Bellinis, mimosas and assorted pastries. Menu highlights include the fluffy quiche or croque madame breakfast sandwich, each perfectly prepared to soothe the hungriest beast.

A Regal Lunch

Enjoy a delicious, expeditious lunch in a majestic setting?Mrs. Potts insists! Indulge your midday palate with a b?chamel-smothered croque monsieur sandwich served with pommes frite, or try a delightful tuna ni?oise salad. Other lunch favorites include beer, wine, vegetable quiche, a turkey baguette and the chef?s favorite?our 8-hour ?singing? braised pork! Mini-beasts can enjoy popular kids? menu choices like Mickey meatloaf and whole-grain macaroni.

Quick-Service, at Your Service

When it comes to breakfast and lunch, our Guests rule! Order from a touch-screen terminal and soon your food will magically appear at your table. For cash orders or special dietary requests, Cast Members are also available to assist you.

Reservations are strongly recommended for all meal periods.


Prepare to be pampered as the dining room presents… your dinner!

Our new standard dinner includes a prix fixe, 3-course menu featuring French-inspired dishes that are tr?s d?licieux.

Start your meal with a sumptuous appetizer like French onion soup, charred octopus, escargot or a selection of assorted meats and artisanal cheeses. For your main course, feast on a medley of mouthwatering entr?es?including filet mignon, smoked black-eye pea tortellini, seafood bouillabaisse and other savory delights. Afterwards, save some room for one of our delectable desserts.

Guests age 9 and under can create their very own 3-course prix fixe meal! Appetizers include a choice of iceberg wedge salad, a fruit and cheese board or house-made peach apple sauce. For the main course, kids can choose from seared shrimp, grilled beef tenderloin, pan-seared chicken breast or macaroni and cheese. Seasonal fruit served with yogurt dip or a trio of mini desserts top off this scrumptious meal on a sweet note. All kids prix fixe meals also come with a choice of milk, bottled water or apple juice.

This 3-course dining experience is $60 for adults (ages 10 and up) and $36 for children (ages 3 to 9). Tax and gratuity are not included. If using a dining plan, the prix fixe dinner will require 2 table-service meal entitlements per person.

What you need to know about Be Our Guest

Breakfast and Lunch Need To Know

If you are planning on dining at Be Our Guest for breakfast or lunch understand that when you come to the Beast?s castle you will check-in and then wait for your name to be called. If you haven?t ordered ahead with the mobile app you are in for quite the different experience as you wait in a very slow moving line (that may be cute the first 10 minutes or so but gets old quickly).

Tip: Mobile order (in the My Disney Experience app). If you haven?t mobile ordered then get as close to the front of this waiting queue as you can.

Be Our Guest Review Is It Worth it Lets Get Mouse Faced3

The ordering queue that feels like it takes forever.

What does breakfast and lunch cost?

Breakfast and Lunch are very similar in price. We are a family of 5 and typically spend between $75-$90. We have eaten both breakfast and lunch. I liked the breakfast experience much better. Please do yourself a favor and mobile order breakfast and lunch when eating at Be Our Guest. We have dinner reservations on our next trip and will report back after we’ve tried it out.


In its rise to popularity (to that of Cinderella?s Royal Table) the smart folks at Disney decided to take the dinner portion of this dining experience and upgrade it to a Signature Dining experience.

What does dinner cost?

This 3-course dining experience is $60 for adults (ages 10 and up) and $36 for children (ages 3 to 9). Tax and gratuity are not included. If using a dining plan, the prix fixe dinner will require 2 table-service meal entitlements per person.

What?s on the menu?

Here is a link to the Breakfast menu.

Here is a link to the Lunch menu.

Is it worth it a Be Our Guest Review Dining room

A view of the main dining room at the Beast’s Castle.

What?s on the dinner menu?

It is a prix fixe menu, which means you pay a set price and choose one item from the 3 different sections. We?ll be reviewing dinner separately from this post.

Here is a link to the Dinner menu.

Is the food any good?

We will be focusing on breakfast and lunch in this post. Dinner will be featured in an upcoming post. The breakfast menu is pretty typical. We enjoyed it. I would always choose breakfast over lunch as you can use it to get in ahead of the crowds (see our post on getting into the Magic Kingdom early). Lunch was good but not outstanding for the price…especially when you factor in the ordering line.

What do you mean by the ordering line?

The basics: you enter the castle and wait in a line that is 15-30 people long and in our experience this line alone takes 20 minutes or more to get through. Mobile order this dining experience and you get to walk past this line and to your table.

A Side Note

At breakfast and lunch, we found that this experience is NOT a table service meal, it?s more of a quick service meal that requires a reservation. You literally wait in the ordering line mentioned above and then venture out to find your own table somewhere in the giant restaurant with no windows…we?re window people…not sure about you.

There are several rooms to choose from. You can eat in the West Wing, The Grand Ballroom and The Castle Gallery. We’ve eaten in the Castle Gallery and the Grand Ballroom…the West Wing is a bit dark for our taste. This is a very cool experience the first time. On subsequent trips, it isn?t as awesome. But that is why you do dinner the next time around!

What did we eat?

At breakfast we ate:

  • Feast a la Gaston – Scrambled Eggs, Herb-Roasted Potatoes, Apple Smoked Bacon, and Sausage served with Fresh Fruit and a selection of pastries. The Feast a la Gaston was nice, typical breakfast food. There is a cart that brings pastries to your table as well. You can ask for more of these offerings. SO DON?T order too much if you have picky eaters. They can eat the free stuff. There is a coffee bar and beverage bar (orange juice, soft drinks, etc) that is self-serve.
  • The kids either ate scrambled eggs and bacon or french toast from the kid’s menu.

At lunch we ate:

  • French Dip Sandwich ? Served on a Baguette with Au Jus and Pommes Frites
    • This sandwich was definitely the better of the 2 we chose
  • Croque Monsieur ? Grilled Sandwich of Carved Ham and Gruyere Cheese and Bechamel with Pommes Frites.

    • This was a sad little imitation of a grilled cheese sandwich

What characters will I meet?

At breakfast and lunch? None.

At dinner? The Beast…the only place you can meet him.

Experience Review

If you have never eaten at The Beast?s castle it is quite the visual experience! I was a little disappointed in the ordering line, the food itself (breakfast and lunch). I would definitely choose dinner over breakfast and lunch. Between breakfast and lunch I would choose breakfast for sure!

Is It Worth It?

It is definitely worth it for your first visit to Beast?s castle. I would only want to experience dinner after that. Don?t expect the food to blow you away for breakfast and lunch and understand that you are essentially paying top dollar for a quick service restaurant with 3 dining rooms to sit in.

I over expected the experience to be super awesome and set myself up to be a little disappointed.

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