About Meg

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Hi! I?m Meg. It feels weird to be writing about myself. They say it is supposed to feel quirky and a bit pageant answer-y. I have put this off for months. But here we are…

I love Jesus, My Family, Disney, Parties, Coffee, Chocolate and Dreaming. I am always planning the next vacation, birthday or dreaming up new projects, or adding to my lifelong bucket list.

I have been a stay-at-home mom most of the past decade. At one time, we had 3 kids, 5 and under. Being a mom to little ones takes everything you?ve got all the time! It is hard work and super rewarding. As the kids grew, it felt like time was speeding up, and leaving me spinning on my axis trying to take in all of the moments. I felt like I was drowning in motherhood and missing it all at once.

The cycle slowed down when our family traveled. A day on the beach felt like a month off from the daily grind. A few days at Disney gave our family a lifetime of memories.

Naturally, we wanted more of those days. We decided to figure out how to travel more often. We found cheap places at the beach that all five of us would fit and crammed in. Best weekend ever.

We bought a timeshare in Orlando. Umm, I probably wouldn?t do that again. There have been months when I scowled at that payment. More often than not, I am looking into how many ?points? we have so I can squeeze one more trip in. On the flip side, it has helped us afford to go to Disney twice a year since we bought it. So I can?t say it has been a terrible decision. Read about that here.

Taking kids to the parks has its strategic hurdles. Going to Disney on a budget needs a plan. Getting the most out of your well-earned money takes research. All of these angles have been exhaustively researched and planned to the penny, to make sure we had a great time and made those memories.

I like the process. I like getting ?mouse-faced.? I like the endless lists to make sure we are doing everything we wanted and not missing a single thing. This might sound exhausting to you. But I sleep better at night knowing I did my best to make sure the magic is there.

Over time the list of ?must do?s? has changed with our family. We have been to Disney a dozen times together. We went as adults with no kids. It was awesome. We took our 5 year old, just him, while I was pregnant. Absolute Magic.

We went twice the year our third little one was still a nursing baby. It was hard, ha! The sheer amount of stuff that was required to stay more than 4 hours in the parks. We made family memories, over 1100 pictures to be truthful. That was the trip we figured out our middle child was a daredevil. She was 2! Just big enough to ride Goofy?s roller coaster. Crazy cute thing.

We have traveled with Grandparents and extended family. It is so special to have three generations making memories together. Disney trips always come up at holidays and we all reminisce over our incredible time together. (and then dream up new plans to go back!)

Our family loves Disney. Anytime we are all together and talking, one of us will ask the question- ?if you could go to Disney, to one park for one day and ride one and thing and eat one thing, what would it be?? We get some cute answers and family bonding. We all get ?mouse-faced!?

Let?s Get Mouse Faced! came from our travels. Triumphs and failures, checklists and strategies we have shared with our friends. I love to ?talk Disney?. My ears perk up anytime I hear someone mention it.

I am so disappointed when I hear someone talk about their terrible experience or how they will never go back. Complaining about how expensive it was or how long the waits were. Now they need a vacation from their vacation. I cringe. It didn?t have to be that way.

I understand not everyone plans like me. It can be overwhelming to research every little thing you might want to do or make sure you don’t waste time or money on. Not everyone, who wants to, has the time to figure out the ins-and-outs before going to such an amazing place. We are sharing what we have learned.

Walt Disney wanted a place to bring families together.

My family wants to share how we do Disney. Take the parts that fit your family or sound like how you would want to do them. If it doesn?t apply, leave it. I want you to have the chance at making your trip to Disney magical and full of precious memories. They are only little once.

Let?s Get Mouse Faced together,



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Meg at 6 years old meeting Minnie Mouse.