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Photo at Disney Springs

Welcome to Let?s Get Mouse Faced. We are a family of five who love spending time with one another. One of our favorite things to do together happens to include Walt Disney World! In our blog we?ll be sharing how we save money in park, how we hack our way through dining plans, what tips you can use and our reviews of experiences, waits, food and more. A main focus of ours will be ?Is It Worth It?? ? let?s face it, Disney World is expensive, far away for many, and having a good plan for those things you want to try and knowing what you want to avoid can be the difference in a great trip and a trip that you end up regretting.

About Let's Get Mouse Faced

Let’s Get Mouse Faced is a site for those who want to get the most out of their Disney vacation. For families who are going for the 20th time or for the first time. There’s something for everyone. We love good food, good times and being with one another. We may promote products and other companies but only through products and companies we’ve used and value. We want to make memories, what about you?

About Dave

1. Christ Follower. Husband. Father. Jack Johnson Listener. Disney-Lover. Life Liver. Competitive. Park Hoppin? Fool that Loves to Make People Laugh.


2.?Meg and I are high school sweethearts (see that photo towards the bottom of this page) – been married for coming up on 15 years.

3. We are a family of 5. We know how to go all out, but we also know how to relax.

4. My degree is in Marketing.?

I used to be in real estate. Then the market crashed. I went back to night school to earn my degree when we had one infant. I worked in the corporate world for several years after that as Director of Marketing before figuring out that I was pretty creative and was able to build a successful?side business that eventually became big enough to support our family. I went out on my own in 2013 building websites, branding packages (logos) and offering marketing help to small businesses.

5. Finding a career.

Eventually, I developed a knack for accomplishing marketing goals through digital marketing. I had been building?websites for so long that I had collected the skills to get found on the Google…that’s technical speak, of course. I have been helping people achieve their goals through marketing and strategy now since 2014 and keep evolving with new skills each year. I love to learn new things and strive to be able to do anything and everything a business would ever need. Now, I am putting those skills to use alongside my wife, best friend (same person…ha), and kids with this blog…let’s see where it goes.

6. I cuss a little.

Yeah, lol. Um, sometimes I want to add those words to blog posts…I usually just replace it with “effin”.

7. Sometimes I wear floppy hats.

8. I’m a Guardians of the Galaxy Fan.

My son really set me up nice when we met Star Lord at Hollywood Studios by immediately telling him that he (Star Lord) was my favorite Marvel character of all time. Thanks son…

9. I used to have super curly blonde hair that had highlights…kind of NSYNC like…oh man…it was….special?

10. I want to live life to the fullest…today. I am not a fan of the deferred lifestyle where you trade today for sometime later in life where your body doesn’t work as well

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